info (configuration information) command

This command displays information about BladeCenter components and their configuration, and how to reload the component information.

Table 1. info (configuration information) command
Function What it does Command Valid targets
Display component information Displays identification and configuration information for the command target. info

Note: Only one target at a time can be viewed with the info command.

                           -T system
                           -T system:mm[x]
                           -T system:blade[x]
                           -T system:blower[x]
                           -T system:ncc[x]
                           -T system:mux[x]
                           -T system:tap
                           -T system:blade[x]:
                           -T system:blade[x]:
                           -T system:blade[x]:sp
                           -T system:blade[x]:
                           -T system:blade[x]:
                           -T system:blade[x]:
                           -T system:blade[x]:sb
                           -T system:blade[x]:
                           -T system:blade[x]:
                           -T system:blade[x]:
                           -T system:blade[x]:ckvm
                           -T system:switch[x]
                           -T system:power[x]
                           -T system:mt[x]
                           -T system:mt[x]:
                           -T system:storage[x]
                           -T system:storage[x]:

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Display component information


  • x is the management-module bay number, blade server bay number, I/O-module bay number, microprocessor number, power module bay number, media-tray bay number, storage bay number , or daughter-card number.
  • y or z is the:
    • blade server storage expansion unit number (be).
    • blade server I/O expansion card number (exp).
    • microprocessor number (CPU).
    • memory DIMM number.
    • high-speed expansion card number (hsec).
    • battery backup unit number (bbu).
    • disk drive number (disk).
Display management channel path information Displays the management channel path information for the BladeCenter unit. info -path
                           -T system
Reload component information for firmware

Reloads vital product data (VPD) for firmware.

info -reload fw
                           -T system
Reload component information for hardware

Reloads vital product data (VPD) for hardware.

info -reload hw
                           -T system
Reload information on MAC addresses

Reloads vital product data (VPD) for MAC addresses.

info -reload mac
                           -T system
Reload WWN and GUID information

Reloads vital product data (VPD) for world-wide name (WWN) and globally-unique identifier (GUID).

info -reload wwn
                           -T system
Reload all component information

Forces reload of all VPD and MAC address information.

info -reload all
                           -T system
  1. The command target -T system:blade[x]:exp[y] is shown with a line break before the :exp[y]. When this command target is entered, the entire entry must all be on one line.
  2. This command returns vital product data (VPD) information that is unique for each command target. For some targets, additional VPD information is available when using the advanced management module.
  3. Even if the command target is specified, the -reload option acts globally, reloading information not just for the specified target but for all targets in the corresponding category; for example, all MAC addresses are reloaded for all targets when the command is info -reload mac with system:blade[x] as the target.
Example: To view the information about an advanced management module in management-module bay 1, while this management module is set as the persistent command environment, at the system:mm[1]> prompt, type

The following example shows the information that might be returned from the info command:

               system:mm[1]> info

Name: AMM_KP
Manufacturer: Not Available (Not Available)
Manufacturer ID: 288
Product ID: 1
Mach type/model: Management Module
Mach serial number: Not Available
Manuf date: 3005
Hardware rev: 51
Part no.: 26R099000000
FRU no.: 25R5777
FRU serial no.: 0J1U9E584130
CLEI: Not Available
AMM firmware
        Build ID:       BPET30U
        File name:      CNETCMUS.PKT
        Rel date:       08-09-07
        Rev:            30
               AMM firmware (Flashed - pending restart)
        Build ID:       BPET30x
        File name:      CNETCMUS.PKT
        Rel date:       09-09-08
        Rev:            30