temps command

This command displays actual temperatures and temperature threshold values for BladeCenter components.

Table 1. temps command
Function What it does Command Valid targets
Display temperature values Displays the current temperature and temperature threshold settings for the specified component:
  • The management module target displays the management module ambient temperature.
  • The blade server target displays the temperature values for components in the specified blade server, such as microprocessors and expansion modules.
  • The media tray target displays values for the temperature sensor in the media tray.
                           -T system:mm[x]
                           -T system:blade[x]
                           -T system:mt

where x is the primary management-module or blade server bay number.

Example: To view the current temperature and temperature thresholds for the blade server in bay 3, while this blade server is set as the persistent command environment, at the system:blade[3]> prompt, type

The following example shows the information that is returned from this command:

               system:blade[3]> temps
                        Hard    Warning
Comp  Value  Warning  Shutdown  	Reset
----  -----  -------  --------  -------
CPU1  38.00  85.00    95.00     78.00
CPU2  35.00  85.00    95.00     78.00
BEM   -----  -----    -----     -----