volts command

This command displays actual voltages and voltage threshold values for BladeCenter components.

Table 1. volts command
Function What it does Command Valid targets
Display voltage values Displays the current voltage and voltage threshold settings for the specified component:
  • The management module target displays the voltage values for the BladeCenter unit.
  • The blade server target displays the internal voltage values for the specified blade server.
Note: The voltage values that display will vary based on BladeCenter unit and blade server type.
                           -T system:mm[x]
                           -T system:blade[x]

where x is the primary management-module or blade server bay number.

Example: To view the current voltage and voltage thresholds for the blade server in bay 3, while this blade server is set as the persistent command environment, at the system:blade[3]> prompt, type

The following example shows the information that is returned from this command:

               system:blade[3]> volts
  Source      Value       Warning
-----------  -------  ----------------
1.8V Sense    +1.79    (+1.61,+1.97)
1.8VSB Sense  +1.83    (+1.61,+1.97)
12V Sense     +12.33   (+10.79,+13.21)
12VSB Sense   +12.30   (+10.74,+13.19)
3.3V Sense    +3.31    (+2.96,+3.62)
5V Sense      +5.06    (+4.39,+5.48)