Checking firmware versions

Complete the following steps to view the firmware levels that are installed in the BladeCenter® components:

  1. Start the BladeCenter management-module Web interface (see Starting the BladeCenter management-module Web interface).
  2. In the navigation pane, click Monitors → Firmware VPD.

The Firmware VPD choice identifies the firmware type, build ID, release date, and revision number for the firmware that is installed in each blade server, I/O module, and management module in the BladeCenter unit. The vital product data (VPD) for the firmware in the management modules also includes the file name of the firmware components. (Selecting the Firmware VPD choice takes up to 30 seconds to refresh and display information.)

Important: To avoid problems and to maintain proper system performance, always make sure that the blade server firmware code, service processor code, and diagnostic firmware code levels are consistent for all blade servers within the BladeCenter unit.

Compare the installed firmware version to the information in Table 1 and to the firmware information at If the firmware version installed is at or above the version listed in Table 1, your BladeCenter component has the firmware code needed to use the SOL feature. If installed firmware versions do not meet at least the minimum requirements, download the latest firmware code from and install it following the firmware update instructions in Special component requirements.