Configuring the BladeCenter HS22 Type 7870 blade server

Complete the following steps to configure the HS22 Type 7870 blade server for SOL operation. See the IBM BladeCenter HS22 Type 7870 Installation and User’s Guide for additional information relating to these steps.

  1. Obtain the latest versions of HS22 Type 7870 blade server firmware from
  2. Update the HS22 Type 7870 blade server firmware, following the instructions that come with the update file that you downloaded. The HS22 Type 7870 blade server has multiple firmware images. Make sure that you restart the blade server after updating each firmware image.
  3. Make sure that you have configured the BladeCenter unit and the operating system for SOL operation, following the instructions in General configuration and Operating system configuration.
  4. Restart the blade server and immediately give the blade server control of the BladeCenter unit shared keyboard, video, and mouse ports.
    • If you are managing the blade server by using the BladeCenter system console, press the KVM select button on the blade server.
    • If you are managing the blade server from a remote location, see the IBM BladeCenter Management Module User’s Guide or IBM BladeCenter Management Module Command-Line Interface Reference Guide for information and instructions.
  5. When the prompt Press <F1> Setup is displayed, press F1. If you have set an administrator password, you must type the administrator password to access the full Setup-utility menu. If you do not type the administrator password, a limited Setup-utility menu is available.
  6. Select System Settings and then press Enter.
  7. Select Devices and I/O Ports and then press Enter.
  8. Select Console Redirection Settings and then press Enter.
  9. From the Console Redirection Settings menu:
    1. If you are using a serial breakout cable with a BladeCenter H unit or a BladeCenter S unit, set COM Port 1 to Enable; otherwise, set it to Disable.
      Graphic illustrating the first setup utility console redirection page.
    2. Set COM Port 2 to Enable.
    3. Set Remote Console to Enable.
    4. Set Legacy Option ROM Display to COM Port 2.
    5. Set the following COM2 Settings:
      Graphic illustrating the second setup utility console redirection page.
      1. Make sure that the Baud Rate is set to 115200.
        Note: The settings for Data Bits, Parity, and Stop Bits are static and cannot be changed.
      2. Set Terminal Emulation to ANSI (default) or VT100, depending on your system configuration.
      3. Set Active After Boot to Enable.
      4. Set Flow Control to Hardware.
  10. Press Esc four times; then, press Y, when prompted, to save settings and restart the blade server.
    Graphic illustrating the setup utility save-settings page.
After the blade server has restarted, you can establish an SOL session to it using the advanced management module CLI. See Starting an SOL session for information and instructions.