Common Problems

This topic describes common problems that might occur when you use Advanced Management Module.

Table 1. Common Problems
Symptom Action
Advanced Management Module FRU part number 44X3058 can only upgrade to firmware version BPET62C (or later).
  • You can not upgrade firmware to version prior to BPET62C, for example BPET54V.
  • If FRU 44X3058 is installed as the secondary AMM while the primary AMM is at a firmware version prior to BPET62C, then, FRU 44X3058 won't acquire the primary older firmware level. If there is a subsequent failover making FRU 44X3058 primary, it brings the system to the updated firmware level.
Update the firmware. Select Monitors > Firmware VPD , see Management Module Firmware Vital Product Data > Build ID to view the AMM firmware version for the BladeCenter unit. See Firmware VPD for more information.