The AMM was restarted with call home events pending. The new primary AMM will complete the operation.


During a call home operation, the advanced management module was reset. This specific event will be called home after the primary advanced management module becomes functional.



Alert Category

Chassis/System Management (Informational) - mmTrapChassisS

Log Source


Automatically notify service




User response

Information only; no action is required.

Note to service personnel:

Because of the nature of this error, Service Data might not be sent to IBM by the advanced management module. If that occurs, contact the customer and have them initiate a manual call home operation. Instruct them not to reboot, initiate a failover, or update the firmware on the advanced management module until you are sure that service data has been received. After service data has been received, the corrective action is to search the logs for call home messages that may have problems. These messages can be dealt with individually per the recommendations in this document.