Firmware update of Blade


The firmware for the specified blade server was not updated.



Alert Category

Blades (Warning) - mmTrapBladeN

Log Source


Automatically notify service




Example Message

Firmware update of Blade (Blade System Management Processor) failed : User session is no longer valid

Alarm Panel LED (BC T and BC HT)


User response

Perform these steps:
  1. Attempt to update the firmware on the blade server again, making sure that the firmware is intended for the specified blade server.
  2. Restart the service processor for the specified blade server. You can restart the service processor from the advanced management module Web interface. Then attempt to update the firmware again.
Note: Some blade servers, such as the BladeCenter HS22, require that the chassis management LAN be functional for firmware updates via TFTP to occur. There must also be a functioning switch module with a connection to the blade server. For these updates, the local storage on the advanced management module (RDoC) will need enough space to hold the firmware. If there is already a firmware image on the RDoC, it will need to be removed.