CPU 03 Fault


There is a fault on the specified processor on the specified blade server.



Alert Category

Blades (Critical) - mmTrapBladeC

Log Source


Automatically notify service




Alarm Panel LED (BC T and BC HT)


User response

Perform these steps:
  1. Restart the service processor for the specified blade server. You can restart the service processor from the advanced management module Web interface.
  2. Reboot the blade server and press F1 to display the BIOS menu:
    1. Verify that both processors are being seen by BIOS.
    2. Load the default settings.
    3. Go to the advanced setup menu, select the CPU settings, and attempt to re-enable the CPU slot.
  3. Swap processors on the blade server to determine if the problem is related to the CPU slot or the processor.
    Note: This step does not apply to JSxx blade servers.
  4. Go to the IBM BladeCenter software and device drivers Web page for firmware updates.
  5. Refer to the Problem Determination and Service Guide for the blade server type for information related to this event. You can find the Problem Determination and Service Guide on the Web.
  6. Check the IBM Support Web page for any service bulletins that might be related to this problem.