Blade 5V under recommended voltage


The service processor on the specified blade server has detected that the voltage of the server power module has reached or fallen below the recommended voltage threshold.



Alert Category

Blades (Warning) - mmTrapBladeN

Log Source


Automatically notify service




Alarm Panel LED (BC T and BC HT)


User response

Perform these steps:
  1. Refer to the Problem Determination and Service Guide for the blade server or the documentation that came with the specified component for information about under voltage conditions.
  2. If the under voltage problem is occurring on all blade servers, look for other events in the log related to power and resolve those events.
    Note: If the under voltage problem is occurring on all blade servers in the same power domain, the problem might be in one of the power modules that power that domain (log in to the advanced management module to see the power modules that are associated with each power domain). Replace the power modules, one at a time, to see if the problem is resolved.