Power module 03 temperature fault


A temperature fault has occurred in the specified power module. A power module can turn itself off within 30 to 60 seconds after a temperature fault has been indicated.



Alert Category

Power Modules (Critical) - mmTrapPsC

Log Source


Automatically notify service




Chassis LED

Error, Temperature

Alarm Panel LED (BC T and BC HT)


User response

Perform these steps:
  1. Check the room ambient temperature to ensure that the room itself is not too hot. You can also check the temperature on the media tray by viewing the System Status page through the management module Web interface.
  2. Check for any blockage on or near the ventilation holes on the chassis. Remove any blockages that you find.
  3. Make sure that a device or filler is installed in each bay in the front and rear of the chassis, and make sure that there is nothing covering the bays. Any missing components can cause a major reduction in airflow for the blade server.
  4. Check the LEDs on the fans to ensure that all fans are functioning normally. If the fans are not functioning normally, the event log may be displaying over temperature messages for multiple components in the chassis.
  5. The advanced management module will attempt to restart the power module if the power module has cooled sufficiently. After waiting a sufficient amount of time to allow the power module to cool, check the DC LED on the power module.
    • If the DC LED is not lit, reseat the power module to force a power on cycle. If the DC LED is still not lit, replace the power module.
    • If the DC LED is lit, check the IBM BladeCenter software and device drivers Web site to see if are any updates to the management module firmware. If so, update the firmware for the management module.