Uncorrectable memory error detected on DIMM 08


An uncorrectable memory error has occurred on the specified DIMM for the specified blade server.



Alert Category

Blades (Critical) - mmTrapBladeC

Log Source


Automatically notify service




Alarm Panel LED (BC T and BC HT)


User response

Perform these steps:
  1. Check the IBM Support Web page for related service bulletins.
  2. Check the blade server BIOS change history on the Web for any memory related fixes. Update the BIOS if applicable.
  3. Use Light Path diagnostics to verify the affected DIMM bank.
    1. Record the DIMM part number and size for future reference.
      Note: For some blade servers, the DIMM part number is available through the advanced management module Web interface.
    2. Verify that the memory DIMM is supported on the IBM ServerProven Web site.
  4. Check to make sure the DIMMs are seated properly (especially if this is a new installation). If the DIMMs required reseating, boot the blade into BIOS setup and enable the memory bank.
  5. Replace the DIMMs in the memory bank, boot the blade server to BIOS setup and enable the memory bank.