A communication failure has occurred on the XML TCP command/response port for I/O Module 06.


The advanced management module is unable to communicate with the specified SAS I/O module. The SAS I/O module may be functioning normally, but the advanced management module will not be able to generate any additional events for the SAS I/O module.



Alert Category

Storage Modules (Warning) - mmTrapStorageN

Log Source


Automatically notify service




Alarm Panel LED (BC T and BC HT)


User response

Perform these steps:
  1. Wait a few minutes to see if a recovery event is generated (especially if the firmware for the SAS I/O module has just been updated).
  2. Access the Web interface for the SAS I/O module to verify that it is working. If so, you might be able to wait for a scheduled outage to resolve the problem.
  3. Reseat the advanced management module.
  4. Reset the SAS I/O module through the advanced management module interface.
    Note: When you reset the SAS I/O module, all connections to that I/O module will be broken, which may result in loss of data. If the I/O module is the SAS RAID controller module, make sure that you stop all host I/O applications before you reset the module.