Complex %04X (blades %s): Set Partition 12 (blades %s) to Partition Mode by %s at %s


The specified user requested that the blade servers in a scalable blade complex operate in partition mode.



Alert Category

Blades (Informational) - mmTrapBladeS

Log Source


Automatically notify service




Example Message

Complex A01C (blades 4,5,6,7): Request to set Partition 1 (blades 4,5) to Partition Mode by USERID at (Web)

User response

If the blade servers are not operating in partition mode, perform these steps:

  1. Ensure that all the blade servers in the scalable blade complex are powered off.
  2. Check the event log for other events related to the specified blade servers and resolve those events.
  3. Reset the blade system management processor on all blade servers in the scalable blade complex. You can reset the service processor through the advanced management module Web interface from the Blade Power/Restart page.
  4. Reseat the scalable blade complex.
  5. Update the firmware for the service processor on the blade server. You can find the appropriate firmware on the IBM BladeCenter software and Device Drivers Web page.