Storage Module 1 Drive 05 removed


The specified hard disk drive has been removed from storage module 1 or the storage module has been removed from the chassis.



Alert Category

Storage Modules (Informational) - mmTrapStorageS

Log Source


Automatically notify service




User response

If you removed a hard drive, this event is for your information only; no action is required. If you did not remove a hard disk drive, perform these steps:
  1. Verify that the specified hard disk drive is installed in the storage module.
  2. If you are in the same location as the chassis, verify that the fault LED on the hard disk drive is not lit. If it is lit, replace the hard disk drive.
  3. Determine if the hard drive is operational:
    1. Use Storage Configuration Manager*, if installed, to determine if the hard disk drive is available. *Storage Configuration Manager is not supported when configured with 12 disks storage module.
    2. Log into the blade server that is assigned to that hard disk drive to see if the blade server can still see that drive.
  4. If the hard disk drive is not operational, replace the hard disk drive.
  5. If the hard disk drive is operational, check the IBM Support Web page for any service bulletins that might be related to this problem.