Steps for BOFM to IBM Fabric Manager (IFM) migration

To migrate from BOFM to IFM, complete the following steps.

  1. Install IFM on your system. Typically this is a desktop or laptop used to configure or manage/monitor your BladeCenter chassis.
  2. Start IFM (navigate to the program shortcut “Start IFM Server”) and Login.
  3. From the web GUI, navigate to “Settings” and then choose “Backup & Restore”.
  4. Beneath the “Restore a previously saved IFM configuration” click on the “Advanced BOFM 4.x users click here…”
  5. Per the instructions -
  6. The previous Advanced BOFM CSV files are now loaded into IFM as a deployment and can be pushed to your target HW. Per the IFM instructions –
  7. Manually create failover monitors.
    1. Discover the monitored chassis/blades.
    2. Create hardware pools for active blades and standby blades.
    3. Create failover monitors.