Error messages

This topic describes error messages you might encounter when working with Basic BOFM.

Requirements report errors

The following are causes of error messages that you might encounter.

Parsing errors

The following table describes the parsing errors that can be generated when processing the BOFM configuration file.
Table 1. Parsing errors
Error message Description
Assuming boot type `None` The “Boot Type” field has been left empty – the system assumes a value of “none” and continue processing the line.
Assuming mode `Ignore` The “Mode” field has been left empty – the system assumes a value of “Ignore” and continue processing.
Attempt to add multiple boot targets to a blade with the same priority A single priority value for a target can only be used once for a given slot.
Attempt to redefine slot There are multiple lines defining a slot. A slot must be defined before it is used and cannot be defined more than once.
Attempt to use a slot that has not yet been defined A slot must be defined before it used. The BOFM configuration file contains a reference to a slot that has not been defined when referenced.
Attempt to write non-Ethernet data to Ethernet port The BOFM configuration file includes an attempt to define a non-Ethernet port to an Ethernet-only port number (1 or 2).
Bad boot type The “Boot type” string cannot be parsed.
Bad entry type The entry type (One of: BladeCenter, Slot, Eth, FC, FCTarget) was not recognized.
Bad IP address The IP address was incorrectly formed or, in the case of a hostname, the DNS lookup failed.
Bad offset number Cannot parse the offset number, or the number is out of range. (Offsets must be in the range 0-3)
Bad port number Cannot parse the port number, or the number is out of range. (Ports must be in the range 1-8 for Ethernet ports or 3-8 for all other types)
Bad slot number Cannot correctly parse the slot number or it is out of range. The exact range depends on the BladeCenter type (BCH, BCS, BCHT), but is never less than 1 or more than 14. This error can also occur when the slot field does not have a closing comma.
Bad target priority - must be first or second Cannot parse the target priority, or it was out of range (first/second). Targets can only be set as the first or second priority.
Bad value in mac/wwpn/wnn The value in the EUI field is correctly formed but contains characters that cannot be interpreted as a hexadecimal number. EUI format is a 16-character hexadecimal value with the leading prefix of eui, for example: eui:0123456790ABCDEF.
Bad vlan number Cannot parse the VLAN number (not a number or similar problem).
Could not interpret the LUN value The LUN value in the FCTarget was not correct.
Failure opening the configuration file The BOFM configuration file could not be opened: probably a bad file name or path, or a problem with file permissions.
Failure reading the configuration file The BOFM configuration file could not be read until the end.
Incomplete Line This line is missing required fields.
Input line is too long The maximum length for a single line in the BOFM configuration file is 512 characters. Lines longer than this are discarded.
Insufficient addresses in the range for chassis The range of addresses defined for this BOFM configuration file is not sufficient for the number of chassis required.
Invalid integer Cannot parse an integer number.
mac or wwnn field is too short or too long Too few or too many bytes in an EUI field.
Maximum value is 0xfffffffe - for longer values use EUI notation LUN values can be specified in decimal, hexadecimal or EUI formats. Values above 4294967295 (0xffffffff) must be specified as an EUI.
No closing quote One of the fields on this line is missing a closing quote. To prevent problems the line is ignored.
Profile is too long and has been truncated The profile string cannot be longer than 32 characters.
Second reference to a specific port or target A port or target has been reused with the same type (for example, Eth, FC, etc.). Ports and targets can only be defined once for a particular type.
Too many BladeCenter® The maximum number of BladeCenters that can be processed from a single BOFM configuration file is 100.