Session and credentials

The AMM displays an error page when another user attempts to login with the same credentials.

For most of the Basic BOFM operations, the AMM needs to interact with other chassis. By default, it uses the user name and password that you used to login to the current AMM. If the AMM cannot login to other chassis, it prompts you to provide an alternative user name and password. The alternative user name and password are stored for the local session and are not cleared until you log out. Thus, while you are using Basic BOFM, another user cannot. If another user tries to open the Basic BOFM page while it is in use by you, the Web interface displays the Open Fabric Manager is in Use By Another Session page. If the new user clicks Continue, your operation is canceled.
Note: This page is displayed only if a new user starts Basic BOFM while a Basic BOFM operation is in progress, but is not yet complete. If you complete your last operation, this page is not displayed and the credentials are cleared automatically.