Managing chassis inventory

You can view information about a chassis, enable or disable BOFM on a chassis, and perform other management activities.

To perform chassis management activities, complete the following steps.
  1. Select the Inventory tab.
  2. Select a chassis and view the Summary tab, which shows the name, IP address, and other summary information.
    • Properties

      Select this choice to view login information for a chassis.

    • BOFM Status

      Select this choice to view the status of a chassis. Also, select this choice to enable or disable a blade.

    • Right-click a chassis and select from the following choices:
      • Login

        Select this choice to log in to a chassis. When using the login function, consider the following information.

        • The user name and password are defined in the chassis properties.
        • If a chassis is Undiscovered, Generic, you must log in to collect the inventory.
      • Get Inventory

        Select this choice to collect and refresh all inventory.

      • Delete

        Select this choice to remove the chassis and all associated blades from inventory.

      • Rename

        Select this choice to create an alias for the chassis.

    • Double-click a chassis to view the blades associated with the chassis.