Physical dimensions and clearances

Make sure that you have sufficient space to set up the Office Enablement Kit.

Physical dimensions and weight

The Office Enablement Kit has the following physical dimensions and weight:

Table 1. Office Enablement Kit physical dimensions and weight
Dimensions 61.1 x 51.8 x 115.5 cm (24 x 20.4 x 45.5 in)
Weight - empty 40.8 kg (90 lb)
Weight - populated 222.8 kg (491 lb)
Note: The populated weight is when the Office Enablement Kit is loaded to maximum capacity when in the final location (not shippable). The Office Enablement Kit is designed to be rolled, not lifted, when being moved.

Service and Operational clearances

The Office Enablement Kit has the following clearance requirements:

Graphic depicting Office Enablement Kit clearances