Parts listing

This table provides a list of all part numbers that are available for the Office Enablement Kit.

Note: IBM® part numbers are subject to change without notice.
Exploded view of Office Enablement Kit with all parts labeled.
Table 1. Office Enablement Kit parts list
Index Description CRU part number (Tier 1) CRU part number (Tier 2) FRU part number
1 Rear door assembly 44X2069    
2 Security lock kit (shipped as matching pair) 44X2067    
3 Fixed caster (for rear of Office Enablement Kit)     41Y0804
4 Swivel caster (for front of rack cabinet)     41Y0805
5 Front door assembly 44X2068    
6 Stabilizer bracket assembly (includes stabilizer bracket and extensions 44X2070    
  Miscellaneous hardware kit (includes hinge assembly, hinge pin, door handle, and door spring latch) 44X2071    
  Filler panel kit (includes 1U, 3U, and 5U filler panels) 12J4473