Password for administration account

There are some important considerations for the administrator (admin) account password.

The first time that you start the DataPower appliance, you are prompted to change the password for the admin account.

Attention: Do not misplace the new password for the admin account. If you misplace this password, security best practice dictates that you should return the appliance to IBM Support to reset this password.

When you receive the appliance after a password-reset, you must perform an initial firmware setup. As a result, none of your past configuration data will remain on the appliance. If another user account can log in and has the appropriate access permission, that user can reset the password for the admin account and retain your configuration data. See the IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances: Administrators Guide or technote 1257115 at, for information about creating and administrating privileged user accounts.

If you need to return the appliance, see the IBM BladeCenter HS22 Problem Determination and Service Guide for information about the return process.