IBM BladeCenter SFF Fibre Channel Expansion Card

The IBM BladeCenter SFF Fibre Channel Expansion Card is a 2 Gb Fibre Channel device that has two configurable adapter ports. Communication signals are routed from the blade server through the Fibre Channel high-speed connector on the Fibre Channel expansion card to I/O-module bay 3 and bay 4 in the BladeCenter or BladeCenter T unit.

See the Installation and User's Guide for the IBM BladeCenter SFF Fibre Channel Expansion Card.

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Refer to the online Configuration and Options Guide for a list of which BladeCenter units support which parts. Select the BladeCenter chassis and click Options > I/O to see supported I/O switch modules for the chassis.

Important: This part of the BladeCenter information center provides installation guides for I/O modules, including modules that are no longer available from IBM. To find the modules that are currently available, go to the BladeCenter Open Fabric (I/O) Web site.