Dynamic system analysis diagnostic programs and messages

Use this information to learn more about using the dynamic system analysis (DSA) diagnostic programs and messages to resolve blade server errors.

The Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) Preboot diagnostic programs are the primary method of testing the major components of the server. DSA is a system information collection and analysis tool that you can use to provide information IBM service and support to aid in the diagnosis of the system problems.

As you run the diagnostic programs, text messages are displayed on the screen and are saved in the test log. A diagnostic text message indicates that a problem has been detected and provides the action you should take as a result of the text message. The diagnostic programs collect the following information about the blade server:
  • System configuration
  • Network interfaces and settings
  • Installed hardware
  • Light path diagnostics status
  • Vital product data, firmware, and BIOS configuration
  • Hard disk drive health
  • Baseboard Management Controller logs
The DSA diagnostic programs can also provide diagnostics for the following system components, if they are installed in the system:
  • BroadCom Ethernet controller
  • Optical (CD or DVD) drives
  • Storage drives
  • LSI 1064e SAS RAID controller
  • Baseboard management controller
  • Memory
  • Microprocessor

The diagnostic programs create a merged log, called the DSA error log, that includes events from all collected logs. You can output all of the collected XML file that you can send to the IBM service and support, view the information locally through a generated text report file, or copy the log to a removable media and view the log from a Web browser. See Running the diagnostic programs for more information.

If you cannot find the problem using the diagnostic programs, see Solving undetermined problems for information about testing the blade server.