Error logs

Use this information as an example of a BMC error log.

The BMC log contains all system status messages from the blade server service processor. The management-module event log in your BladeCenter unit contains messages that were generated on each blade server during POST and status messages from the BladeCenter service processor. (See the Management Module User’s Guide for more information.)

The following illustration shows an example of clearing a BMC log entry and viewing the results.

                                  BMC System Event Log
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Entry Number=     00005 / 00011
Record ID=        0005
Record Type=      02
Timestamp=        2005/01/25  16:15:17
Entry Details:    Generator ID= 0020
                  Sensor Type= 04
                  Assertion Event
                  Lower Non-critical - going high

                  Sensor Number= 40
                  Event Direction/Type= 01
                  Event Data= 52 00 1A   
  • A single problem might cause several error messages. When this occurs, work to correct the cause of the first error message. After you correct the cause of the first error message, the other error messages usually will not occur the next time you run the test.
  • The management-module event log in your BladeCenter unit lists messages according to the position of the blade server in the blade server bays. If a blade server is moved from one bay to another, the management-module event log will report messages for that blade server using the new bay number; messages for that blade server that were generated before the move will still be listed using the previous bay number.

The BMC log is limited in size. When the log is full, new entries will not overwrite existing entries; therefore, you must periodically clear the BMC log through the Configuration/Setup Utility program (the menu choices are described in the Installation and User’s Guide.) When you are troubleshooting an error, be sure to clear the BMC log so that you can find current errors more easily. To clear the BMC log entry, type Clear BMC SEL.

Entries that are written to the BMC log during the early phase of POST show an incorrect date and time as the default time stamp; however, the date and time are corrected as POST continues.

Each BMC log entry is displayed on its own page. To display all the data for an entry, use the Up Arrow (↑) and Down Arrow (↓) keys or the Page Up and Page Down keys. To move from one entry to the next, select Get Next Entry or Get Previous Entry.

The BMC log indicates an assertion event when an event has occurred. It indicates a deassertion event when the event is no longer occurring.

Some of the error codes and messages in the BMC log are abbreviated.

You can view the contents of the BMC log from the Configuration/Setup Utility program and from the diagnostic programs.

When you are troubleshooting PCI-X slots (I/O slots), note that the error logs report the PCI-X buses numerically. The numerical assignments vary depending on the configuration. You can check the assignments by running the Configuration/Setup Utility program (see Configuration/Setup Utility menu for more information).