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Use this information to identify and locate related blade server documentation.

This Installation and User's Guide contains general information about the blade server, including how to install supported optional devices and how to configure the blade server. The following documentation also comes with the blade server:

Depending on your BladeCenter product, additional documents might be included on the IBMDocumentation CD. In addition to the documentation in this library, be sure to review the Planning and Installation Guide for your BladeCenter unit for information to help you prepare for system installation and configuration. To check for updated documentation and technical updates, complete the following steps.

Note: Changes are made periodically to the IBM Web site. The actual procedure might vary slightly from what is described in this document.
  1. Go to
  2. Under Product support, click BladeCenter.
  3. Under Popular links, click Publications lookup.
  4. From the Product family menu, select BladeCenter HS22 .