Configuring UEFI compatible devices

Use this information to configure UEFI compatible devices.

Your IBM BladeCenter HS22 Type 7870, 1936, and 1911 blade server is UEFI compatible. UEFI compatible expansion cards can be configured through the Setup utility. To configure a UEFI compatible expansion card, complete the following steps:

Note: Before configuring a UEFI compatible device, it is recommended to update the firmware for your blade server. See Firmware updates for information on how to update the firmware for your blade server.
  1. Run the Setup utility (see Using the Setup utility).
  2. Select System SettingsAdapters and UEFI drivers.
  3. Select Please refresh this page first and press Enter.
  4. Select the device driver that you want to configure and press Enter.
  5. When you have finished changing settings, press Esc to exit from the program; select Save to save the settings that you have changed.