Configuring a RAID array

Use this information to configure a RAID array.

Configuring a RAID array applies only to a blade server in which two or more storage drives are installed.

Note: When configuring a RAID array, the storage drives must use the same type of interface. For example, a RAID array can be configured with two SAS storage drives, two SATA storage drives, or two SSD storage drives.

You can use two storage drives in the blade server to implement and manage RAID level-0 (striping) or RAID level-1 (mirror) arrays in operating systems that are listed on the ServerProven list at For the blade server, you must configure the RAID by using the LSI Configuration Utility program.

If an optional RAID expansion card is installed, you can use it to control all of the storage drives that are installed in the blade server. See the documentation that comes with the expansion card for information on how to configure the RAID array.

Important: You must create the RAID array before you install the operating system on the blade server.

You can use the LSI Logic Configuration Utility program to configure the storage drives and the SAS controller. To start the LSI Logic Configuration Utility, see Using the LSI Logic Configuration Utility program.