ServerGuide problems

Use this information to locate ServerGuide problems and suggested actions.

The following table lists problem symptoms and suggested solutions.

Symptom Suggested action
The ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD will not start.
  • Make sure that the CD drive is associated with the blade server that you are configuring.
  • Make sure that the blade server supports the ServerGuide program and has a bootable CD (or DVD) drive.
  • If the startup (boot) sequence settings have been changed, make sure that the CD drive is first in the startup sequence.
The RAID configuration program cannot view all installed drives, or the operating system cannot be installed.
  • Make sure that there are no duplicate SCSI/SAS IDs or interrupt request (IRQ) assignments. See Configuring a RAID array.
  • Make sure that the storage drive is connected correctly. See Blade server connectors to locate the storage drive connector.
The operating-system installation program continuously loops. Make more space available on the hard disk.
The ServerGuide program will not start the operating-system CD. Make sure that the operating-system CD is supported by the ServerGuide program. See the ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD label for a list of supported operating-system versions.
The operating system cannot be installed; the option is not available. Make sure that the operating system is supported on the blade server. If the operating system is supported, either no logical drive is defined (SCSI/SAS RAID systems) or the ServerGuide System Partition is not present. Run the ServerGuide program and make sure that setup is complete.