Installing a SSD storage drive

Use these instructions to install an SSD storage drive into the blade server.

The blade server has two SSD storage bays for installing SSD storage drives. One storage drive might already be installed in the blade server in storage bay 0. If the blade server is equipped with one storage drive, you can install an additional drive in storage bay 1. The blade server supports using RAID 0 or RAID 1 when two storage drives of the same interface type are installed. See Configuring a RAID array for information about RAID configuration.

To install an SSD storage drive, complete the following steps.

Graphic illustrating the installation of an SSD storage drive
  1. Identify the SSD storage bay (storage bay 0 or storage bay 1) in which the storage drive will be installed (see Blade server connectors).
    Attention: To maintain a RAID array, an SSD storage drive must be installed into the same SSD connector it was removed from.
  2. Touch the static-protective package that contains the storage drive to any unpainted metal surface on the BladeCenter unit or any unpainted metal surface on any other grounded rack component; then, remove the hard disk drive from the package.
  3. Slide the SSD storage drive into the storage bay until it is firmly seated in the connector.
  4. Install the front bezel onto the blade server (see Installing the bezel assembly).
  5. If an expansion was installed, install the expansion unit (see Installing an optional expansion unit).
  6. Install the cover onto the blade server (see Closing the blade server cover).
  7. Install the blade server into the BladeCenter unit (see Installing the blade server in a BladeCenter unit).