Network connection problems

Use this information to diagnose and resolve network connection errors.

Follow the suggested actions in the order in which they are listed in the Action column until the problem is solved. The blade server connects to the network by using shared BladeCenter unit resources. See the following table and Solving shared BladeCenter resource problems.

  • See Parts listing, Types 7871 and 1949 to determine which components are CRUs and which components are FRUs.
  • If an action step is preceded by "(Trained service technician only)," that step must be performed only by a trained service technician.
Symptom Action
One or more blade servers are unable to communicate with the network.
  1. Check the function of the shared BladeCenter unit resources. See Solving shared BladeCenter resource problems).
  2. Make sure that:
  3. (Trained service technician only) Replace the system-board assembly. See Removing the system-board assembly and Installing the system-board assembly.