Removing a SSD storage drive

Use this information to remove an SSD storage drive.

The blade server has two SSD storage bays. To remove an SSD storage drive, complete the following steps.

Graphic illustrating the removal of an SSD storage drive
  1. Before you begin, read Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. Remove the blade server from the BladeCenter unit (see Removing the blade server from the BladeCenter unit).
  3. Remove the cover from the blade server (see Removing the blade server cover).
  4. If an expansion unit is installed, remove the expansion unit (see Removing an optional expansion unit).
  5. Remove the front bezel from the blade server (see Removing the bezel assembly).
    Attention: When you remove an SSD drive, use a felt-tip pen to write which SSD connector the drive was removed from on the drive label. Installing an SSD drive into a different SSD connector can damage the RAID configuration.
    Note: If there is an SSD drive in SSD connector 1, it must be removed before you can remove the SSD drive in SSD connector 0. SSD connector 1 is on top of SSD connector 0.
  6. Locate the SSD storage drive you want to remove; then, press the release button to eject the SSD drive (see Blade server connectors).
  7. Use your fingers to pull the SSD drive out of the SSD connector.
  8. If you are instructed to return the storage drive, follow all packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.