Removing the system-board assembly

Use this information to remove the system-board assembly from the blade server. The system-board assembly and must be replaced by a trained technician.

When you replace the system board, you will replace the system board and blade base as one assembly. After replacement, you must either update the blade server with the latest firmware or restore the pre-existing firmware that the customer provides on a diskette or CD image.

Note: See Blade server system-board layouts for more information on the locations of the connectors, jumpers and LEDs on the system board.

To remove the system-board assembly, complete the following steps:

  1. Before you begin, read Safety, Handling static-sensitive devices, and Installation guidelines.
  2. If the blade server is installed in a BladeCenter unit, remove it (see Removing the blade server from the BladeCenter unit for instructions).
  3. Carefully lay the blade server on a flat, static-protective surface.
  4. Remove the blade server cover (see Removing the blade server cover).
  5. If an optional expansion unit is installed, remove the expansion unit (see Removing an optional expansion unit).
  6. Remove all of the installed components in the following list from the system-board assembly; then, place them on a static-protective surface or install them on the new system-board assembly.
  7. If you are instructed to return the system-board assembly, follow all packaging instructions, and use any packaging materials for shipping that are supplied to you.