Configuring the blade server

Use this information for details about the configuration requirements of the blade server.

This chapter describes the configuration requirements of the blade server. Before you continue, make sure that the blade server has the latest version of firmware code. For additional information, see Updating firmware and device drivers.

The following configuration programs come with the blade server:
  • Setup utility

    The Setup utility is used to change system settings, such as date and time, and password. See Using the Setup utility for more information.

  • LSI Logic Configuration Utility program

    The LSI Logic Configuration Utility program is stored in the blade-server firmware. Use it to set the device scan order and to set the storage drive controller IDs. See Creating an array using the ServeRAID H1135 configuration utility for more information.

  • IBM FastSetup

    IBM FastSetup is a no-cost software tool that helps simplify the maintenance and deployment of selected IBM BladeCenter chassis, servers, and components. The intuitive graphical interface initializes all phases of server setup, including discovery, update, and configuration. Features include templates that enable replication of settings to many servers and automation that reduces hands-on time and user errors. Wizards and other default settings enable customization capabilities. The low-touch, set-once and walk-away feature reduces the hands-on server setup time from days to minutes, particularly for larger deployments. For information about this tool, see

  • IBM ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD

    The ServerGuide program provides software-setup tools and installation tools that are designed for the blade server. Use this CD during the installation of the blade server to configure basic hardware features and to simplify the installation of the operating system. For information about obtaining and using this CD, see Using the ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD.

  • Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) boot agent utility program

    The PXE boot agent utility program is part of the blade server firmware. Use it to select the boot protocol and other boot options and to select a power-management option. For information about using this utility program, see Setting the PXE boot protocol using the Setup utility.

The IBM Remote Deployment Manager (RDM) Version 4.4 program is available for purchase. You can use RDM to install a UEFI code update onto a blade server. For the latest information about RDM, including which operating systems that RDM supports and how to purchase the software, see