Configuring the Gigabit Ethernet controller

Use this information to locate the device drivers for the Gigabit Ethernet controller.

One dual-port Gigabit Ethernet controller is integrated on the blade server system board. The controller provides a 1000 Mbps full-duplex interface for connecting to one of the Ethernet-compatible I/O modules in I/O-module bays 1 and 2, which enables simultaneous transmission and reception of data on the Ethernet local area network (LAN). The Ethernet controller on the system board is routed to I/O-module bay 1 or bay 2. The logical link of each Ethernet port to an I/O-module bay is assigned by the operating system.

You do not have to set any jumpers or configure the controller for the blade server operating system. However, you must install a device driver to enable the blade server operating system to address the Ethernet controller. For device drivers and information about configuring the Ethernet controller, go to