Creating an array using the ServeRAID C105 configuration utility

Use these instructions to create a software RAID array of hard disk drives.

To create a software RAID array of hard disk drives, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn on the blade server, and make sure that the blade server is the owner of the keyboard, video, and mouse.
    Note: Approximately 1 to 3 minutes after the server is connected to ac power, the power-control button becomes active after the power-on LED flashes slowly.
  2. When the prompt <F1 Setup> is displayed, press F1. If you have set an administrator password, you are prompted to type the password.
  3. Under System Settings, select Storage.
  4. Under Storage, select ServeRAID C105.
  5. Under Configuration Options, select Virtual Drive Management → Create Configuration.
  6. Select the type of array that you want to create.
  7. Select Select Drives and use space key to select all the drives for your array.
  8. Select Apply Changes to create the array.
  9. When the prompt Success is displayed, select OK to continue.
  10. After the system auto skip to the next screen, select Save Configuration.
  11. When the prompt Creating Virtual Drives will cause the data lost on the associated Drives to be permanently deleted. is displayed, use space key to select Yes to continue.
  12. Select OK to continue.
  13. To initialize virtual disk, select ServeRAID C105 → Virtual Drive Management → Select Virtual Drive Operations.
  14. Under Virtual Drive Operation, choose Select Operation. Select the type of initialization you want to initialize.
  15. Select Start Operation.
  16. Select Yes to confirm.
  17. Select OK to continue.
  18. When the prompt Success is displayed, select OK.
  1. For more information about ServeRAID C105, see the User's Guide for ServeRAID C105 at
  2. ServeRAID C105 is not supported in VMware 5 and VMware 4.1.
  3. ServeRAID C105 is not supported in solid-state drives.
  4. ServeRAID C105 is not supported in legacy configuration.
  5. In order to install the legacy OS in the software RAID, you have to set the SAS Controller as the first device in the option ROM execution order and make sure that ServeRAID H1135 is not installed. See Setting Option ROM Execution Order for more information.
  6. ServeRAID C105 is automatically disabled when ServeRAID H1135 is installed.