Event logs

Error codes and messages are displayed in the following types of event logs:
  • POST event log: This log contains the three most recent error codes and messages that were generated during POST. You can view the POST event log through the Setup utility.
  • System-event log: This log contains POST and system management interrupt (SMI) events and all events that are generated by the BMC that is embedded in the IMM. You can view the system-event log through the Setup utility and through the Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) program (as the IPMI event log).

    The system-event log is limited in size. When it is full, new entries will not overwrite existing entries; therefore, you must periodically save and then clear the system-event log through the Setup utility. When you are troubleshooting, you might have to save and then clear the system-event log to make the most recent events available for analysis.

    Messages are listed on the left side of the screen, and details about the selected message are displayed on the right side of the screen. To move from one entry to the next, use the Up Arrow (↑) and Down Arrow (↓) keys.

    Some IMM sensors cause assertion events to be logged when their setpoints are reached. When a setpoint condition no longer exists, a corresponding deassertion event is logged. However, not all events are assertion-type events.

  • Advanced management module event log: This log contains a filtered subset of IMM, POST, and system management interrupt (SMI) events. You can view the advanced management module event log through the advanced management module web interface.
  • DSA log: This log is generated by the Dynamic System Analysis (DSA) program, and it is a chronologically ordered merge of the system-event log (as the IPMI event log), the IMM event log (as the ASM event log), and the operating-system event logs. You can view the DSA log through the DSA program.