Use this information for more about POST self-test errors for the blade server.

When you turn on the blade server, it performs a series of tests to check the operation of the blade server components and some optional devices in the blade server. This series of tests is called the power-on self-test, or POST.

If a power-on password is set, you must type the password and press Enter, when you are prompted, for POST to run.

If POST is completed without detecting any problems, the server startup will continue.

If POST detects a problem, an error message is displayed. See UEFI/POST error codes for more information.

When new hardware is installed or the firmware for an expansion card has been updated, the blade server could fail during POST. If this occurs after three attempts to boot the blade server, the blade server will use the default configuration values; then, start the Setup utility (see Using the Setup utility). To allow the blade server to boot normally, complete the following steps:

  1. If any configuration changes were made before the blade server became unable to boot, change the settings back to their original values.
  2. If new hardware was added before the blade server became unable to boot, remove the new hardware and restart the server.
  3. If the previous steps do not correct the problem and the blade server starts the Setup utility (see Using the Setup utility), select Load Default Settings and save the settings to restore the blade server to the default values.