Installation guidelines

Use these guidelines before you install the blade server or optional devices.

  • Before you begin, read Safety and Handling static-sensitive devices. This information helps you work safely.
  • When you install your new blade server, take the opportunity to download and apply the most recent firmware updates. This step helps ensure that any known issues are addressed and that your blade server is ready to function at maximum levels of performance.

    To download firmware updates for your blade server, go to the fixcentral/systemx/groupView? query.productGroup=ibm%2FBladeCenter to display the matrix of downloadable files for the blade server

  • Observe good housekeeping in the area where you are working. Place removed covers and other parts in a safe place.
  • Back up all important data before you make changes to disk drives.
  • Before you remove a blade server from the BladeCenter chassis, you must shut down the operating system and turn off the blade server. You do not need to shut down the chassis itself.
  • Blue on a component indicates touch points, where you can grip the component to remove it from or install it in the blade server, open or close a latch, and so on.
  • For a list of supported optional devices for the blade server, see the