Universal Serial Bus (USB) port problems

Use this information to diagnose and solve USB port problems in the blade server.

IBM continually updates the support website with tips and techniques that you can use to resolve any problems that you might be having with the BladeCenter HX5 blade server. Go to the BladeCenter support search website and search for the terms http://www.ibm.com/search/csass/search?sn=mh&q=7872%20retain%20tip%20usb&lang=en&cc=us&en=utf to see if any service bulletins have been generated.

The USB ports are shared BladeCenter chassis resources. First, make sure that the USB ports are assigned to the blade server; then, see the following steps and Solving shared BladeCenter resource problems.

  1. Check the function of the shared BladeCenter chassis resources. See Solving shared BladeCenter resource problems.
  2. Make sure that:
  3. (Trained service technician only) Replace the system-board assembly - See Removing the system-board assembly - BladeCenter HX5 and Installing the system-board assembly - BladeCenter HX5.