Assembling a scalable blade complex

Use this information to assemble a scalable blade complex.

To assemble a scalable blade complex, you will need the following parts:
  • Two BladeCenter HX5 blade servers
  • 2-node scalability kit, which includes the 2-node scalability card, the scalability tray, and the 3/16" hex driver.
To assemble a scalable blade complex, complete the following steps.
Note: Make sure that you installed a hypervisor key in the primary blade server, if required, to use the scalable blade complex as a single hardware partition in a virtualized environment. To determine whether you need to install a hypervisor key, see the documentation that comes with your virtualization software. For more information about virtualization, see
  1. Before you begin, read Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. Install the scalability tray in the topmost blade server (see Installing the scalability tray for instructions).
  3. Attach the blade server with the scalability tray to the bottom blade server.

    Graphic illustrating the assembly of a scalable blade complex
    1. Lower the topmost blade server so that the slots at the rear slide down onto the pins at the rear of the bottom blade server, as shown in the illustration.
    2. Pivot the topmost blade server to the closed position, as shown in the illustration, until it clicks into place.
  4. Install the 2-node scalability card (see Installing the 2-node scalability card).