Checkout procedure

The checkout procedure is the sequence of tasks that you should follow to diagnose a problem in the blade server.

Before you perform the checkout procedure for diagnosing hardware problems, review the following information:

To perform the checkout procedure, complete the following steps:

  1. If the blade server is running, turn off the blade server.
  2. Turn on the blade server. Make sure that the blade server has control of the video (the LED on the keyboard/video/mouse button is lit). If the blade server does not start, see Troubleshooting tables.
  3. Record any POST error messages that are displayed on the monitor. If an error is displayed, look up the first error in the POST error codes.
  4. Check the control panel blade-error LED; if it is lit, check the light path diagnostics LEDs (see Light path diagnostics).
  5. Check for the following results:
    • Successful completion of POST, indicated by beginning the startup of the operating system.
    • Successful completion of startup, indicated by a readable display of the operating-system desktop.