Completing the installation

To complete the installation, complete the following tasks.

  1. Assemble the scalable blade complex if necessary (see Assembling a scalable blade complex).
  2. Install the IBM MAX5 expansion blade if necessary (see Installing an IBM MAX5).
  3. Close the blade server cover (see Installing the blade server cover).

    Statement 21
    Graphic illustrating danger and voltage warnings

    Hazardous energy is present when the blade server is connected to the power source. Always replace the blade server cover before installing the blade server.
  4. Reinstall the blade server into the BladeCenter chassis (see Installing a blade server in a BladeCenter chassis).
  5. Turn on the blade server (see Turning on the blade server). If you have just connected the power cords of the BladeCenter chassis to electrical outlets, you must wait until the power LED on the blade server flashes slowly before you press the power button.
  6. For certain optional devices, you might have to run the blade server Setup utility to configure the blade server (see Configuring the blade server). See the documentation that comes with your optional device for additional information.