Installing an expansion unit

Use these instructions to install an expansion unit or for the topmost blade server in a scalable blade complex.

Attention: You cannot insert the blade server into the BladeCenter chassis until the cover is installed and closed. Do not attempt to override this protection.

Statement 21
Graphic illustrating Safety Statement 21

Hazardous energy is present when the blade server is connected to the power source. Always replace the blade cover before installing the blade server.
Graphic illustrating how to install an expansion unit

To install and close the blade server cover, complete the following steps:

  1. Before you begin, read Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. Carefully lay the blade server on a flat, static-protective surface, orienting the blade server with the bezel pointing toward you.
  3. Locate the blade expansion connector and remove the cover if one is installed (see Blade server connectors - BladeCenter HX5).
  4. Touch the static-protective package that contains the optional expansion unit to any unpainted metal surface on the BladeCenter unit or any unpainted metal surface on any other grounded rack component; then, remove the optional expansion unit from the package.
  5. Orient the optional expansion unit as shown in the illustration.
  6. Lower the expansion unit so that the slots at the rear slide down onto the cover pins at the rear of the blade server; then, pivot the expansion unit down onto the blade server.
  7. If the expansion unit has a cover already installed, remove it (see Removing the blade server cover).
  8. Install the blade cover from the BladeCenter HX5 (see Installing the blade server cover).
    Important: The BladeCenter HX5 blade cover contains the system-service label on the bottom of the cover.
  9. Install the blade server or scalable blade complex into the BladeCenter chassis (see Installing a blade server in a BladeCenter chassis for instructions).