Removing a solid state drive

Use this information to remove a solid state drive.

The blade server has a solid state drive expansion card for installing or removing solid state drives. To remove a solid state drive, complete the following steps:

  1. Before you begin, read Safety and Installation guidelines.
  2. Remove the SSD expansion card (see Removing an SSD expansion card for instructions).
  3. Turn over the SSD expansion card.

    Graphic showing the SSD expansion card.
  4. Press down on the blue tab. The retention lever automatically opens so that the solid state drive or drives are accessible.
  5. Slide the solid state drive out of the slot.
    Note: When you remove a drive from the SSD expansion card, consider labeling the drive to indicate the slot from which the drive was removed so that you can install the drive back into the same slot.
  6. Close the retention lever and secure it with the blue tab.
    Note: You might need to press the blue tab before you close the retention lever.