Out-of-band automated boot recovery method

To download the server UEFI firmware update package from the World Wide Web, complete the following steps.

Note: Use this method if the SYS BRD LED on the light path diagnostics panel is lit and there is an AMM event log entry or Booting Backup Image is displayed on the firmware splash screen; otherwise, use the out-of-band manual recovery method.
  1. Download the blade server UEFI firmware update for your blade server (see Updating firmware and device drivers).
  2. Log into the Advanced Management Module's web interface.
  3. After you log in, select MM ControlNetwork Protocols and ensure that TFTP is enabled on the management module. It is disabled by default.
  4. Select Blade TasksFirmware update and select the blade server to recover.
  5. Use the browse button to point to the UEFI update file.
  6. Click the Update button to update the UEFI firmware.
  7. Restart the server (see Turning off the blade server and Turning on the blade server).
  8. At the firmware splash screen, press F3 when prompted to restore to the primary bank. The server boots from the primary bank.