Select Blade Tasks → Configuration to view and change blade server configuration settings.

The following illustration shows blade server configuration choices for a management module.

Graphic illustrating the blade server configuration page for a management module other than the advanced management module.

Click Blade Information to perform the following tasks:
  • View the bay locations and names of the installed blade servers
Graphic illustrating the blade server information page.

Click Blade Policy Settings to enable or disable the following items on all blade servers in the BladeCenter® unit:

Graphic illustrating the blade server policy settings page.

Click Management Network Configuration to complete the following tasks:

In order to change the network configuration for a blade server, click on the blade server name link. This will take you to another page where the following settings can be changed and saved. Note that only certain blade servers types support this configuration.
  • DHCP
  • IP Address
  • Subnet mask
  • Gateway address

Click Boot Sequence to view or define the startup (boot) sequence for one or more blade servers. The startup sequence prioritizes the boot-record sources for a blade server.

Graphic illustrating the boot sequence page.

The following boot sequences for your BladeCenter unit and blade servers are available: