Connecting to the management module

You can access and manage the management module by using a specified Web browser.

A remote console connection to the management module is required to configure and manage operation of the BladeCenter unit. All management-module types support connection through the remote management and console (Ethernet) connector.

You can manage the BladeCenter unit and blade servers that support KVM by using the graphical user interface that is provided by the management-module Web interface or by using the command-line interface that you access through Telnet. All management connections to blade servers that do not support KVM are made through the management-module command-line (text only) interface.

You can perform initial configuration of the management module after you connect it to your network; however, because of some requirements that are imposed by the default management-module settings, it might be easier to perform these setup operations by using a temporary connection. The following information is in this section:

After you complete the initial cabling and configuration, you can navigate to the management module by using a standard Web browser. Go to Starting the management-module Web interface for more information.