Firmware VPD

Select Monitors → Firmware VPD to view the firmware vital product data for the BladeCenter unit.

The following illustration shows the Firmware Vital Product Data (VPD) page.

Graphic illustrating the firmware VPD page for a management module other than the advanced management module.

Click Firmware Vital Product Data to view the vital product data (VPD) for the firmware in all blade servers, I/O modules, and management modules in the BladeCenter® unit. The firmware VPD that is collected and stored varies by BladeCenter unit type.

The firmware VPD includes the firmware type and version information such as a build ID, release date, and revision number. The VPD information varies by BladeCenter component type; for example, the VPD for the management-module firmware might also include the file name of the firmware components. (After you select Firmware Vital Product Data, it takes up to 30 seconds to refresh and display information.)

Click Reload VPD to refresh the firmware VPD information for a selected blade server or for all blade servers in the BladeCenter unit.