Fuel Gauge

Select Monitors → Fuel Gauge to view the power information, based on projected power consumption, for each power domain of the BladeCenter® unit.

Click the Power management policy settings link to go to the section of the Blade Tasks → Configuration page where you configure power management for the BladeCenter unit (see Configuration for information).

Graphic illustrating the power management configuration page.

There are two power domains in the BladeCenter unit. Click Power Domain 1 details or Power Domain 2 details for the list of BladeCenter components in each power domain (see detailed power status for information). The power-management policy settings determine how the BladeCenter unit reacts in each power domain to a power-source failure or power-module failure. The combination of the BladeCenter configuration, power-management policy settings, and available power might cause blade servers to reduce their power levels (throttle) or not turn on.

The following power status information is displayed in the BladeCenter Power Summary and BladeCenter Power Planning sections: